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Why to choose Idols Doll?

With the vigorous development of the sex doll industry, countless new people join the industry every day. To fight for the slice of their own portion, a fierce competition arise among various business owners due to unwillingness of letting go their own market shares, they begin to frequently adjust and lower their price to always keep under their competitor’s price. In turn, other companies also fought back by reducing the price. The vicious price war was getting more and more intense in the whole sex doll industry. War always comes at a price. Under the condition of ensuring the provision of high-quality products, the lower and lower prices make these businesses unable to obtain sufficient profits to survive. In order to maintain sufficient profits and still win the price war, they began to use inferior raw materials to make dolls so that they could reduce costs. So what if we avoid buying inferior sex dolls? We need to remember a simple truth: you get what you pay for!

Idols Doll is a company that only supplies high-quality sex doll torso!

Only the best products can appear on our website. As you can see, there are very few kinds of sex dolls on our website, but we guarantee that each is a premium product! Unlike most websites on the Internet, we do not have a large number of strange sex doll products. On the surface, these websites make people feel like it’s a large store. In fact, they are just doing the work of porters. Their main job is to collect the dolls of all manufacturers, and then raise the sales price, so that they can easily earn the price difference as a profit. They have no patience to test and verify the quality of their store products one by one, so they upload these products to the website for sale. This is a very irresponsible and even a fraud against consumers!

High quality manufacturing materials

Most TPE dolls in the market are made of ordinary TPE materials, and our products are made of top TPE materials and path-breaking technology. Therefore, our products will be more durable than most dolls on the market and they produce little oil. The doll’s body has a faint smell, rather than a strong plastic smell like of some inferior dolls.

Idols Dollis a company founded by a group of passionate young people. We ignore the price war and are never willing to go with the tide! We are determined to make every product an idol in people’s mind. In the past 12 years, we have constantly upgraded and repeatedly transformed our products, tried countless ways to improve their authenticity, and finally, heaven pays off, found the best materials and path-breaking technologies in the world to build them! Now we put our fingerprint here to help you recognize a high quality sex doll torso.

Integrity management

We promise never to resort to petty tricks with our customers! Integrity management is the value and belief that drives everything Idols Doll does. From a long-term perspective, we always believe that we can gain more and more loyal customers by dealing with customers with an honest and transparent attitude.

On the Idols Doll website, we have carefully measured the height, weight, chest circumference and other parameters of all sex dolls, and these parameters are clearly and accurately displayed on the product page.

Unlike other sex doll brands that invest a lot of money in endorsement and marketing, we invest as much in products and services as possible. We always believe that customer experience and reputation are our best “marketing”. Idols Doll doesn’t have to offer a lot of money for big influencers or advertising companies. It is understood that a big online YouTube video costs more than $10,000. However, if the money is spent on products and services, the products and services can be improved a lot. Therefore, Idols Doll hopes to invest more money in products and services. We firmly believe that this is the right path.

We personally took a real video for each product in our store. In the video, we showed the most real details of the product in as much detail as possible. If you still want to learn more about the product through video, we can also use mobile phones and other devices to shoot and send it to you in real time. I believe this type of video is more realistic.

Perfect customer service

In order to provide the best logistics transportation, Idols Doll uses localized logistics transportation. We store the dolls in the warehouse in the United States. All orders in the United States are issued from the warehouse in the United States. The transportation time limit is 4-7 working days. Although we have an American warehouse, we can still deliver goods to other countries. Please check our delivery policy for details.

Risk free transaction guarantee

Idols Doll uses the safest payment method in the world: PayPal. Here is a brief introduction to the transaction process of PayPal: after you use PayPal to pay an order in idols doll, the money you pay will be temporarily stored in the PayPal banking system. Idols Doll will not get the money immediately. If Idols Doll wants to get the money, the product must be delivered to you. Paypal will transfer the money to Idols Doll only after you receive the goods and confirm that the doll you receive is real. PayPal, as a secure third-party transaction guarantee tool, has become a household name in the United States. No swindler dares to use this safe trading tool, since when customers do not receive products or receive defective products, they can immediately ask PayPal to get their money back.

Return within 30 days without reason

We promise to return the doll unconditionally within 30 days after you receive it! All our dolls are packed in a sealed transparent plastic bag to ensure that she is unused and hygienic. When you receive our doll, you can apply for a refund within 30 days if you don’t like it.