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We know that buying sex dolls through the Internet is a challenging thing. Here, Idols Doll provides you with an easy return and exchange procedure so that you can have a pleasant shopping experience!

Return or exchange goods without any reason within 30 days even if there is no quality problem!

We support that you can return or exchange the product within 30 days without providing any reason, even if there is no quality problem after receiving the product. That means that you can buy the products to take home immediately as long as you like any of them on our website now. If you don’t like the real products after you receive them, you can return or exchange them without giving us any reason.

The following conditions must be met to support return and exchange without reason:

1. Returned products must remain in their original state. Each of our products will be put into a transparent sealed plastic bag and sent to you. After you receive the product, don’t open the sealed bag first. You can check the real situation of the product through the transparent bag to ensure that it meets your requirements. Once the bag is opened, the product will be deemed to have been used. We do not sell refurbished or used products. We have the right to refuse your return and exchange requirements.

 2. When you receive the product, please do not throw away the packing box, manual and other accessories.

3. The returned items shall not be damaged in the middle.

4. Before returning the goods, please inform us by email in advance and get our confirmation. We will provide you with the return address, but you should pay the two-way freight, and 15% of your order will be deducted as the purchase fee.

Why is there a purchase fee?

In many cases, most companies will be trapped in products that can no longer be sold as new products. I believe you don’t want to receive a sex doll with an open box. I hope it is brand new, first-class quality and sealed by the manufacturer in the factory. All flawless sex dolls returned to the warehouse must be thoroughly inspected to ensure that they are not used and that they can be 100% resold. Therefore, we usually need to use new packaging materials to restore their original state manually. This process is not simple. It will not only increase the cost of packaging materials, but it is also necessary to spend labor costs to arrange special workers for operation. So I hope you understand.

Return or exchange of goods due to quality problems

When you receive the product, please do not tear open the sealed transparent bag used to pack the product. You can check whether the product is damaged through the transparent bag. Once any damage is found, please take videos and pictures immediately and send us an email. Once the sealed transparent packaging bag is opened, we will default that you have used the product, and we have the right to refuse your refund.

Dispatch failed

1. We will not bear any expenses incurred if the package was returned automatically because the buyer provided the wrong delivery address.

2. The buyer shall bear any expenses incurred if the order is returned or blocked due to the buyer’s local customs policy.

3. If the package is sent to the wrong address by the seller or lost by the logistics company, I will resend it for you.