Sex Doll Torso

The most realistic sex doll torso with bendable spine, it is made of high-end TPE materials which feels soft and elastic.


Mini Dolls

Big Ass


Idols life-sized sex dolls replicates 1:1 the body size of a real sexy woman, you will enjoy the most lifelike experience.

Mini Dolls

It’s a scaled-down size mini dolls from a real mature women, lightweight and easy storage.

Big Ass

A fleshlight or your hand could never compare with big ass sex doll, it is realistic lightweight and portable hip masturbator.

Welcome to Idols Doll. Here, you can have the high-quality sex dolls and superior shopping experience which are worth your money. As you can see, we only have a small product portfolio, but all of our products have been meticulously selected, from lightweight Kaya (5.38LB) which can be held with one hand to life-size heavyweight Monica (89.29LB). In terms of appearance,these sex dolls can be classified into two categories, namely those with normal size breasts and those with big breasts. Our products are also provided for different sex positions, such as Spoons style and Doggy style etc. If you are not sure which product to choose, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and view our shopping guidance, where the recommendations and guidance provided by our experts will help you to make the right choice.

The similarities of the Idols Doll

High-quality raw materials

Most of the TPE sex dolls in the market tend to become oily and are with strong plastic smell, which can materially affect the experience of users. Our sex doll products which are made using high-quality TPE material and groundbreaking technologies, are extremely durable. They would only ooze very little amount of oil or even no oil and are with light fragrance.

Bendable skeleton

Our products have internal skeletons which are made of high-quality stainless steel and have bendable backbones.

Different pleasure from different weights and sizes

Small size and light weight

Kaya - 5.38LB

Kaya is the smallest in our Idols Doll store and can be easily held with one hand. Its light weight and small size allow you to put it into you backpack and let it accompany you in your travel.

If you are looking for fleshlight, Kaya would definitely be the best substitute. Traditional fleshlight looks like a cylindrical flashlight and Kaya is virtually an upgraded version of fleshlight. Kaya has a body just like that of a real woman, with a cute belly button, soft breasts and lifelike labia. When you are having sex with Kaya, her lifelike body can take you to the realm of fantasy.

Eva - 9.45LB

Eva has shoulders and Kaya has none. The body proportion of Eva is more lifelike. Eva is bigger and heavier than Kaya. When you put Eva on top of you, the pressure she has on you can bring you realistic sex experience just like a cowgirl.

Scarlett - 15.43LB

In respect of appearance, Scarlett and Eva look quite similar. But when observing carefully, you would find Scarlett have longer legs than Eva, which means the back of Scarlett can be more bendable and its ass looks more voluptuous when you are having doggy style with it. Scarlett is heavier and bigger than Eva.

Emilia - 20.28LB

In general, a life-size sex doll with legs weighs at least 18 kg. Emilia which has legs only weigh 20.28LB. Our Scarlett has no legs, but its weight reaches 7 kg. The legs of the Emilia account for a significant portion of the weight of its whole body, so the size of Emilia is not quite large and only has a height of 55 cm.

Strengths of Emilia
  1. Different from Kaya, Eva and Scarlett, Emilia not only has long legs, but also allows satisfactory spooning and scissoring sex positions.
  2. With a weight as light as 20.28LB and a size as small as 55 CM, it allows you to move and keep it easily.
  3. She is an affordable sex doll with legs.

Mediumweight and life-size doll

In addition to the aforementioned lightweight dolls including Kaya, Eva, Scarlett and Emilia, we also offer the doll of life-size and medium weight in our Idols Doll store: Angelina and Jessica.

What is life-size sex doll torso?

The dolls have the same body size as real women. When you hug them, it's like embracing a real woman. You'll want to talk to them and wish to have real-life relationships with them.

Angelina - 40.80LB

Angelina's body is round but not obese. She has a curvy figure and looks like an elegant female white-collar worker.

Jessica - 52.90LB

Jessica has sexy abdominal muscles, defined collarbones, back dimples and perky boobs. Jessica has well-defined body contour, she look like a healthy pole vaulter.

She has long legs and can bring you the fun of Spoons style! When you sleep at night, you can hug her, touch her legs, and release the hormone of love!

Normal Size Natural Breasts

Angelina and Jessica do not have huge boobs and fat asses like some BBW sex doll. They are slender and well-proportioned, Their breasts are of normal size but they are big enough. Their lifelike breasts the same as real woman's natural breasts.

Heavy and large body with big ass

Jennifer and Monica are a buxom woman who have huge breasts and juicy ass.

Jennifer - 70.54LB

Jennifer has a chest circumference of 38.90 inches and soft and resilient breasts. Jennifer not only has soft big breasts and juicy big ass, but also sexy legs, which can bring you various sex positions such as spooning, scissoring and Reach for the sky.

When sleeping with Jennifer, you can press and touch her thighs and cross your legs together and hug her tightly. In a lonely night, her soft body can keep loneliness away from you; when you close your eyes, she is just like a real woman lying in your arms.

Monica - 89.29LB

Monica is the biggest doll in our Idols Doll store and is the ultimate goddess. She is bigger and heavier than Jennifer. Monica is a BBW(Big Beautifull Women) doll and has ample breasts and big ass. Her sexy body even is comparable to that of Monica Bellucci.

In particular, we have reprocessed her breasts using our revolutionary technologies, and thus its breasts are very soft.

Sometimes, it is difficult for us to make a choice between Jennifer and Monica, because they both have big breasts and asses and hot bodies. The bust, waist, hip and height measurements of Monica are higher than Jennifer and thus Monica has bigger body than Jennifer, which means Monica can give you a bigger hug.

Give you what you really want

If you prefer a lady with big breasts and ass, then Monica and Jennifer must be your best choices. With bigger bodies, they can give you bigger hug. When you squeeze their soft and realistic big breasts and slap the big ass, then your desire for sex will be immediately ignited.

If you wish to have a slender doll with breasts of normal size, then we would recommend you to choose Angelina and Jessica. They have life-size body, so it will be easy for you to choose clothes for them and turn them into roles as you like.

If you prefer female athlete with sexy abdominal muscles, then we would recommend Jessica to you. Her combination of power, grace, agility and sensuality.

You can also simply make your choice following your heart. In our store, you can freely choose whatever style you like.

In order to better display their true characteristics, Idols Doll has shot a short video for each product. You can scroll up to the product list and view our products in more detail.