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  1. J

    The package was received in my country early as they said it would be.
    The box was shipped discretly as they said and the doll was place on the backside and did not have any scratches nor marks whatsoever.
    The doll is very soft, all most too real and the texture looks good. With it’s nice womanly shape.
    The interiors are solid, it felt good not to mention when using the skeleton for the doll in different positions.
    Also it’s small so it’s very portable for you to carry around, use it bathe it and hide it anywhere. Plus their Customer service is off the chart great, you can ask them questions and they will eventually respond to you depending on the time.

    Now Time For The Cons:
    You don’t receive any clothing whatsoever for the doll, well at leaset on mine i don’t know if they will change that in the future, so that bikini looking outfit you saw in the advertisement pictures are just for the advertisement.

    And that’s about it on my experience with it, for now.

    I highly recommend this Doll and the companies work, especially this Doll Alita to anyone wanting a discrete spicy doll time.

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  2. A

    Very good starter piece to anyone. I have full size dolls and half torsos and nothing comes close to this in terms of pleasure. The feel is great to especially in pantyhose 0:) The only thing is I wish it was a little bigger and the suction squeezed harder. Thinking of buying a bigger one!

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  3. A

    The breast size is nice, overall it seems to be a good product. Ideally I do wish it were a little more correct to size but i am happy the item.

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  4. A

    Shipping was fast and packaging was discreet. It has a very good weight to it, the texture is amazing! Very soft to the touch. Better than I had imagined.

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  5. J

    Arrived in discreet packaging which is definitely a plus. Very close to the real thing. It’s got different textures in each entrance and both are amazing! Cleaning is a small hassle but worth it in the end!

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