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What To Consider Before Buying Your First Sex Doll Torso

Monica Torso

So, you’re wondering about buying your first sex doll torso! What a delightful decision to make! Everybody here with us at the Idols Doll team is very excited that you have made the choice to switch to a more healthy and safe version of “Self pleasure”

However, we wanted to let you know a couple of things to consider before picking your first girl, as these factors might not enter your mind until you and her have completed your first session in bed, and to make it as personal and comfortable as possible, we thought you should know these few things first.

So make sure to read until the end because we’ve described the perfect girl (or guy) for every type of fantasy and pleasure you would want to dive into, from the different kind of positions to tips and tricks to maximize your pleasure!

Weight and Size

When considering buying a Idols Doll, you should first consider the environment you will be having fun with her in. Are you going to be rocking her world in a bed, or somewhere a little less private for those who don’t have a lot of alone time to spend with her? Perhaps some exciting fun that will last you for hours everyday?

Depending on how much time you have to yourselves, this will greatly affect which size you will want to buy, but lucky for you!! Here at Idols Doll, we took everything into consideration to determine the perfect experience for anybody looking to have ten times the amount of fun as opposed to just using your boring old hand once again.

Moderately sized

First and foremost, the girl that we would personally recommend would be a moderately sized girl, big enough to have fun all night long, but not too big to pick up for bedtime in her safe place (The closet always is a favorite spot for her!) A personal favorite of ours would definitely have to be Angelina (40.80 lbs.)! Her body is a perfect size for emotional reassurance after you both finish, and she will always appreciate you finishing inside, as it’s something she really enjoys. Also, if you did not want her to spend the night next to you in bed for whatever reason, she is light enough to gently pick up and move to her bedroom!


However, if you are comfortable and loving enough to let one of our lucky ladies spend the night with you, we would absolutely recommend someone a little bit more life-size! For example, Rebecca (57.32 lbs.) and Jennifer (70.54 lbs.) both tend to get really exhausted after Cumming so many times, so they would really prefer spending the night with you as opposed to sleeping the lonely night away! When you wake up and see such a beauty laying right next to you in bed, it would be hard to resist not making love, especially when you’re already going to be “hard” in bed next to her.

If your situation calls for it, and you are able to have a lot of time for yourself, and aren’t really worried about being bothered by anybody, we would absolutely recommend these girls to make the best of your situation, Monica (89.29 lbs.) and Nicole (43 lbs.)! These are quite literally life sized, being 1:1, and during the moment, neither of your “heads” will be able to decipher any difference at all from the real deal, besides of course for the fact that it feels a hell of a lot better knowing that you have full control of the situation in bed.

Mini Size

Not everybody has all night or all day for love making, however, maybe your mother in law will be coming over before you would have time to tuck away your newfound beauty, but do not worry as we still have the perfect girls even for this scenario! Eva (9.45 lbs.) will be your 9 lb beauty, for easy access and storage. A tip that we personally recommend for Eva (9.45 lbs.) specifically is to get creative with pillows. Through our experience, pillows will drastically improve every single facet imaginable, this is what will make you go from feeling just “good”, to simply incredible, indescribable, and immaculate. Every Amazing feature and feeling about “Self pleasure” will be encompassed with the right usage of pillows. You and her will have the time of your life, and she will have a luxury penthouse suite right beside your bed in the nightstand, for many more one night stands to come.

You Can Take Her To Travel

What if you didn’t have any time to yourself when you are at home? We know that this can seem like a huge obstacle to pass by comfortably, but luckily this is where another personal favorite comes into mind, her name is Kaya!

Kaya is our 5.38 lb. beauty, who loves to travel anywhere with you. If you really need some special self care time to yourself but your in-laws are in town for this week, you can take a small trip down to the guest bathroom and use her to your heart’s content! Everyone here at IdolsDoll knows that we are all experts in concealing our passionate hobby, so it will be no problem at all! Just bring your change of clothes and towel with you, and you can conceal her right inside of the towel! It will look no different than simply going down for a regular shower, but this time it will be much more exciting.
We’ve previously mentioned how pillows could be considered the name of the game, and we truly mean it. A strategy that we at IdolsDoll recommend slightly varies according to what type of IdolsDoll you’ve decided on. For example, the perfect strategy for Bella, would be to pile up pillows in front of her, so can lay down on your tummy and have your “Head” just barely inserted into her, so it takes practically no effort at all to push down and be overwhelmed by the pleasure as the pillows naturally gently guide you right back out. We simply cannot express enough how amazing this feels with Bella along with her vibration.

What’s your favorite sexual position?

Your favorite sex positions is one of the most important things to consider when buying your first IdolsDoll! It can be the name of the game! Everybody has their weaknesses to certain fetishes or positions, and so do our girls. We are extremely pleased with these next torsos to be recommended!

Classic doggy position

If Doggy style is simply too irresistible to pass up, then we would heavily recommend Bella (22.05 lbs.), our vibrating delight! She will keep you company all night for being such the dirty dog she is. Getting on your knees and thrusting back and forth for hours is something everyone should get to experience, and every night at that! She will fit any underwear you pick out for her, which you can pull to the side and slide right in. You and her are bound to have a great time, and of course we have to mention the amazing feature of how she vibrates for her and your pleasure both! She is seriously in competition for top contenders of pleasure, since the sexy shape coupled with the vibration will make for a heavenly experience. If you have any appointments scheduled for the afternoon, if possible, it would be best to postpone those because even after you give her a creampie you might still be inside a whole world of pleasure for an hour afterwards. We’ve had members on our team be very pleased and excited that they’ve never felt so good after an orgasm than what they’ve seen with Bella, a truly magical experience.

What is the ultimate strategy?

The ultimate strategy for maximum pleasure would be to purchase two separate dolls, one specifically meant for doggy style, and another for full body torso action, because who doesn’t want their face buried in lovely boobs that you can suck while blowing Bella’s back out? However…

If girls are not entirely your thing, and you like to have a “package” delivered to your southern exit, this is where our strong and manly beauty Jesse comes into your world.

If you want to have some solo fun and need his special “hardware” personally delivered to your insides, Jesse is always ready and prepared for the session of a lifetime. You are even able to bring this into the bedroom for some threesome fun, while your partner is riding on top, you can be sliding into the bottom, lost in one another’s mind, almost going crazy from the levels of pleasure inside of one room.

Heating rod

There is something that you can add to your life that heavily adds to the whole experience of the world of sex doll torso, the heating rod.

The reason why the heating rod is so excellent is that it almost serves as an element of foreplay, making you wait until she’s warm and ready to tackle anything you throw at her, so while you are waiting patiently, you can go to our website and look at all of our other doll models to get you perfectly excited for when the time comes to have rough love. When you first insert the heating rod, you can then get your whole environment ready for action, by dimming the lights, clicking on an ASMR video, shutting the shades, and locking that door! You will feel so much more comfortable and at peace when you take the necessary steps of preparation before your fun with her.

Deluxe cleaning care kit

When you’re both all done and finished, cleaning her up is an important part of taking off of your lovely girl. That being said, while the bathtub might be an okay alternative for some people, we do not really recommend this strategy as it is very cumbersome to you and your newfound love, instead, do yourself a huge favor and add the Deluxe cleaning care kit on to your order total for a discounted price when bought together. The ease of access makes your life and fun much more efficient and gets both you and her ready for round two and three almost immediately! Because we know how good our girls feel, and right after you finish you will want to go again and again, One hundred percent guaranteed.

Shop best sex doll torsos with us

IdolsDoll.com have a grand assortment of sex doll torsos waiting for you to explore, accessible from the comfort of your bedsheets right at home, or traveling excellently with one of our girls in a hotel bed. We hope that our professional recommendations have helped you decide which one perfectly fits your current situation, and we are so excited (in more ways than one) to imagine what type of creative methods you will come up with! If you are so inclined, when you get your order, submit some photos for review to let us know how we helped you pick out your perfect fantasy!

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